I like to share my knowledge.  I live and breathe the philosophy of continuous improvement and learning.  Below is a sampling of some of the presentations and discussions that I have been fortunate to participate within the Advertising, Marketing and Product Operations space.  I am especially proud of my affiliation with AdMonsters and 8 Meter Media.  Many of the presentations and group discussions at events filled with people sharing best practices while teaching and learning from each other.

Using Scrumban (Scrum + Kanban) for agile marketing

On December 16, 2014, Scott Brinker from the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog interviews Mark about using Scumban for Agile Marketing

Mark Served as a Panelist for the Marketing Operation & Technology Summit in San Diego, October 22-24, 2014 in San Diego

 Mark  Verone

Mark Verone
Director, Marketing & Product Operations

Mark merged more than 1,000 radio station websites onto a common ad technology stack, built a global ad technology and operations strategy, and launched the first real-time airborne ad server at Gogo where he’s building a Marketing Operations function. Mark’s roles at Metromedia, Cox Radio, Jacor Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Point-to-Point Direct Marketing, Orbitz, and Gogo have included Marketing & Promotions Director, Client Services Director, Sales RVP, and Partner Marketing Operations Director. One wish for the MO field: better tools and automation, with better API connections, since the technology is too fragmented with too many silos. Mark’s pastimes include traveling the world. Why the “Marketing Technology Success Stories & Nightmares” panel is must-see: the fundamental principle of continuous improvement is LEARNING… why not learn from others? Continuous improvement is endless.

Mark Verone, Director, Marketing & Product Operations, Gogo
Tony Ralph, Director, Marketing & Advertising Technology, Netflix
Stephan Steiner, Head of Marketing Technology & Transformation Delivery, SAP
Saad Hameed, Head of Marketing Technology, LinkedIn
Mark Mankin, Senior EMM Architect, Tata Consultancy Services
Session Date:
October 23, 2014- 11:10 am–11:50 am
Session Type:

Marketing Technology Success Stories & Nightmares

Automating marketing processes has been a holy grail, but when outcomes are unclear, companies waste significant resources, money, time, and energy without the expected return on investment. Technology is not a magic bullet, but can be an enabler of efficiency and effectiveness when implementation success factors are thoroughly understood, planned and arranged. There are plenty of successes as well as nightmares about marketing technology, and more can be learned by comparing and contrasting the good and bad side-by-side. In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Ways to identify and arrange success factors
  • How to rise above vendor messaging to focus on your realities
  • Opportunities to better understand processes and data that determine technology success
  • Making decisions transparent and measurable


Mark MankinModerator:Mark Mankin
Senior EMM Architect
Tata Consultancy Services
Mark VeroneMark Verone
Director, Ad Operations & Content Management
Tony RalphTony Ralph
Director, Marketing & Advertising Technology
Stephan SteinerStephan Steiner
Head of Marketing Technology & Transformation Delivery
Saad HameedSaad Hameed
Head of Marketing Technology

Scenes from AdMonsters Publisher Forum Sonoma 2013 from AdMonsters on Vimeo.

The AdMonsters Experience


Serving Ads at 35,000 Feet While Traveling at 600 MPH

AdMonsters Publisher Forum 30, Boulder, CO – August 2013


Shaking Things Up: Kaizen in Action “it doesn’t always happen overnight”

AdMonsters Publisher Forum 23, Sonoma, CA – August 2010


Kaizen: Achieving Operational Excellence through Continuous Improvement

AdMonsters Publisher Forum 19, Boulder, CO – August 2008


IAB Measurement Certification: Exploring the basics of how your site measures up…

AdMonsters Publisher Forum 19, Boulder, CO – August 2008