Global Warming is a SCAM

I was intrigued by a headline from my iGoogle home page today:
Weather Channel Founder: ‘Sue Al Gore for Fraud’


While reading the article from Fox News, I found an interesting 37 page research commentary from Weather Channel founder, John Colemen further debunking the global warming myth. 
Click here for John Coleman’s briefs on global warming.

This totally supports my view on this small minded way of thinking.  A view that has captivated the world into believing that we are in peril.  A recent google search of “al gore” produces 11.8 million results.  Al Gore has gone from former Vice President and Presidential loser to King of the Green Movement.

I have refused to see or rent Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” – mostly out of principal and because who wants to watch a boring speaker give a powerpoint presentation on film.  What a waste of film.  It is also hard to believe a guy like Al Gore who also claimed he “took the initiative in creating the Internet”.  The only thing truly “green” about the green movement is the amount of money Al Gore is making from spreading mass global hysteria.  I will not see the movie as long as Al Gore is profiting from this madness.  I refuse to feed the green monster. 

The whole debate is really stupid and the majority of people in our nation and through the world are drinking Al Gore’s green kool-aid.  The unfortunate part is that this is a one-sided vigilante approach to journalism.  The media covers the Al Gore side of the story but refuses to talk to the scientific community that is speaking against it.  The whole “green” movement is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Being green is “in” and everyone is capitalizing on it.  It is turning an environmental topic into a marketing machine.  As a marketer, I am fascinated by how quickly everyone is jumping on the bad wagon to avoid being labeled as anti-environmentalist. 

I have not reduced my carbon footprint.  I drive my SUV 2.8 miles to the commuter train station where I commute into the city.  I still use plastic bags to haul my groceries home.  I drink bottled water because the water from town’s community well system tastes disgusting.  I won’t buy hybrid cause their ugly and the batteries are more toxic to the environment than the fuel I am burning in my gas guzzler.  I don’t hug trees but I have planted more trees an vegetation in the landscaping that surrounds our home.  I get angry when I see people littering out their car windows.  I hate the fact that smokers are polluting the air I breathe.  None of the environmentalists are talking about the walking human smokestacks.

Instead they are convincing people that CO2 is dangerous.

HEADLINE: Human’s and Animal exhale CO2!
HEADLINE: Plants and Trees need CO2 to survive and get this produce the O2 that we need to survive.

It’s called photosynthesis and I learned about it in 7th grade science class.  Surely the rest of the world is not this stupid.

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