Tribune May Kill Book Reviews – OH KNOW!!!

A few of my former Jacor / Clear Channel colleagues have been tapped by Sam Zell to save the Chicago Tribune.  It’s a valiant effort in a tough economy and the radio folks know how to cut the waste, operate efficiently and save money.  When I worked at Clear Channel the nickname was “Cheap Channel” because the employees were creative in finding ways to save money and cut costs.  It’s about operating smarter when your revenue is slipping.  Since this is a local story of some interest, I recently subscribed to a Google Alert to stay on top of the progress my colleagues are making at Tribune.

I normally would not post a comment to a trade publication which is why I originally chose to make it somewhat anonymous.  However this article posted in Publisher’s Weekly set off my hot buttons and I had to comment and share on the blog.  First, read the article titled: Tribune Co.Redesign Could Kill More Book Coverage

Then take a look at my response submitted by Wake Up.  I posted the text below.

Submitted by: Wake Up  
6/27/2008 1:07:42 PM PT
Location: Chicago
Occupation: Marketing Guru

Are you serious? This is the most self-centered article I have read about the struggles at the dying Tribune Company. Perhaps the writers, publishers, and book companies should stop whining about all the FREE advertising and promotion they get from book reviews. Let’s face it bad reviews don’t help sell more books either. You can stand in line and hope Oprah endorses you…or here’s a radical concept: SPEND MONEY – invest a little cash and advertise and market your book like the rest of us that don’t get noticed by the newspaper reviewers. “Poor me” the Tribune is going to chop up their book reviews in printed format. Rather than kill more trees printing dirty, ink filled pages, maybe the Tribune should place excerpts in the paper and direct people to their website for the complete review. It doesn’t have to be printed on paper to serve the same purpose. It is amazing to me that everyone is complaining about the Tribune shrinking their newspaper and conserving trees and cutting costs. These are the same green individuals demanding environmental action in a very un-green manner. The newspaper is filled will toxins and is a complete waste of natural resources – not to mention the trucks and vehicles that deliver that paper to your local store or doorstep. Buying a newspaper each day increases your carbon footprint. Printed publications including “books” are not very green – but are loaded with “green” propaganda. The internet doesn’t kill trees and is more eco-friendly than a dirty newspaper.

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