Welcome to Crook County, IL

It’s official – 10.25% is the new sales tax rate in Cook County.  Thanks to the crowned Prince of Cook County, Todd Stroger and his cronies go on record as being the highest sales tax rate in the union.  This is a great example of one political party maintaining control over the state, county and city.  There are no checks and balances and the people of IL suffer the consequences.  This tax increase will net $450 Million in proposed revenue for the county to close a shortfall in $3 billion dollar budget gap. 

According to the Cook County website here is a breakdown of the new tax:  

The sales tax WILL AFFECT goods like:
Fast food
Restaurant meals
Alcohol purchased in a tavern
Clothes shopping

The sales tax WILL NOT AFFECT “real” or “titled” property like:
Land, property, home
Recreational vehicles
(Remember, though, that some of these items may be subject to various municipal sales tax rates.)

The sales tax WILL NOT AFFECT goods like:
A dozen eggs
A gallon of milk
Raw chicken
A bag of potatoes
Oxygen tanks
Prescription drugs
Over-the-counter drugs

It’s important to remember that the sales tax increase does NOT apply to all goods, particularly groceries, medicines and medical supplies.

So what about Tobacco and Entertainment?  Why is tobacco not on the list?  Why did they not increase the tax on a Movie, Concert or sporting event.  Furniture and Clothing are essentials.  These should not be considered luxury items.  I guess I will have to find restaurants and bars to patronize outside of Crook County.

Voters should be irate over this increase and should show up to speak their minds through their ballots and elect officials who serve the people before themselves.  The corruption in Crook County is driving up the budget.  The patronage and entitlement of elected officials is disgusting and I do not feel properly represented by the county government.  It’s bad enough they are squeezing tax payer on both ends.  Between additional sales and property taxes along with high fuel cost and an economic turn-down, it is getting harder for some citizens to survive.  The tax and spend philosophy never works.  They County needs to run more like a lean and mean business and cut the waste, high payrolls and accessory spending are not helping their case.  Perhaps the County should take a lesson from Sam Zell.  Sam Zell is trying to save Tribune and he is not doing by adding more expenses.

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