Personal Space

Last night we went to see Los Lobos with some some good friends.  They got great tickets – table seats in the front row of the stage.  It was an intimate venue — couple hundred people – fairly tame older 40 – 50+ crowd.  Los Lobos are excellent musicans and this was mostly an accoustic set.  During the 2nd half of the show, the band kicked it up a notch and everyone was on their feet.  Our group of 4 is right there in front of the action.  I am doing the classic white-man overbite movin’ my arms but not the rest of my body.  I looked like a dork but not as bad as the other idiot who felt the need to “air guitar” — Then like a bat out of hell an obnoxious skanky women slithers her way in front of our table to get closer to the stage.  Keep in mind we are close – 12- 18 inches from the stage.  You couldn’t get much closer to the stage unless you were standing under the band members as their sweat dripped on your head but then there would be no room for the stage monitors.  But noooo — “Ms. I bought crappy tickets on the side of the stage and feel I have a right to cut in front of everyone” decides to barge her way in front of us with her high heels, leather pants, fake boobs and loose hair extensions  As if this was not rude enough, this skank decides to dirty dance and grind on anyone close enough to her.  Including yours truly — it was all I could to to crawl away in disgust to the comforting laughter of my wife and friends who are thoroughly amused by this.  People SUCK and they forget for a moment that there is a whole other world around them and they are not in the center universe.

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