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Hashtags for Bad Travel Behavior

Bravo to Travel & Leisure Magazine for this awesome summary of bad travel behaviors… By: Travel + Leisure Staff: Airport vigilantes have lately been calling out rude conduct on social media—from bare feet and nose-picking (#PassengerShaming) to too-big bags (#CarryonShame). But there’s more boorish behavior in search of a hashtag. Travel vulgarians, we’re talking to […]

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Land of the FREE?

Welcome to America…Land of the FREE stuff…(free food, free clothes, free housing, free cell phones, free healthcare, free tuition, free gas, free water, free electricity, free drugs…) and home of the Apathetic…we cannot continue this cycle of debt. Both sides need to figure it out and stop wasting tax dollars…look at how Wall Street is […]

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Ban Profits…what the?

I am a capitalist…there is nothing wrong with earning profits…this is disturbing to think there are people who actually believe we should ban profits and control how companies operate…Ladies and Gentlemen this is not what America is about…this is socialism, fascism, and communist ideology. Hitler controlled the profits of companies, The Soviet Union controlled companies…and China […]

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Anti-Social Media: The Facebook Birthday Experiment

I have long maintained that social media is actually turning human’s into anti-social drones who instead of having “real” conversations with each other rely on the safety and security of the Facebook Brick Wall post.  The wall is an ironic name considering that we are simply talking to a wall versus actually having real human […]

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Sesame Street Tweet Sparks Rumors That Bert Is Out of the Closet

Sesame Street Tweet Sparks Rumors That Bert Is Out of the Closet This is starting to get ridiculous…can we just let children be kids and not denigrate them with sexual commentary…bad enough that kids are growing up way too fast and exploring sexuality a lot sooner than their maturity…c’mon they’re Muppets…not sexual exploits.

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Personal Space

Last night we went to see Los Lobos with some some good friends.  They got great tickets – table seats in the front row of the stage.  It was an intimate venue — couple hundred people – fairly tame older 40 – 50+ crowd.  Los Lobos are excellent musicans and this was mostly an accoustic set.  During the 2nd half of the show, the band kicked it up a notch and everyone was on their feet.  Our group of 4 is right there in front of the action.  I am doing the classic white-man overbite movin’ my arms but not the …

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