Holiday Travel Nightmare…or just rude, inexperienced travelers?

Dear Less Frequent Travelers:

Why art thou so angry and cranky? Were you so terribly inconvenienced on the 1-2 times you travel by air per year? Is life so terrible that you feel you need to be rude and obnoxious to everyone you encounter?  Do you feel that because you only step foot into an airport a couple of times per year that you are more important than anyone else?  As a seasoned traveler, I am quite frankly annoyed by your behavior and feel that I need to escape to get the hell away from the angry traveling public…  Yes you over there with the uncoordinated, over-sized carry-on bags.  The one who think she runs Chicago O’hare Airport.  Yes you sir who as you pass by me sitting in business class feel the need to make some sort of snide sarcastic remark as if you are the 737 Comedian…”Hey wanna trade?” or “Who do you have to bribe to sit up here?”  Yes you who because you travel 1 time per year you 1) know everything 2) are beyond over-stressed 3) down-right rude a-holes.

I post this kind letter to you just as I had one of this a-holes yelling at me because he was in a line waiting for a gate agent while I was invited by the agent to the other side of the desk to get a gate check tag for our stroller. He yells out “sir there is line here and you are cutting. I am waiting in line” to which I replied “good for you” which pissed him off further causing him to rant and rave while I got my stroller tag…when I was finished, I proceeded to put him in his place and told him to “mind his own business and have a nice day” since he has no clue what was going on. The agent saw I had the stroller and invited me to the desk. Happy F’n Thanksgiving and Merry F’n Christmas – boy the holidays bring out the best in people.

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