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Hashtags for Bad Travel Behavior

Bravo to Travel & Leisure Magazine for this awesome summary of bad travel behaviors… By: Travel + Leisure Staff: Airport vigilantes have lately been calling out rude conduct on social media—from bare feet and nose-picking (#PassengerShaming) to too-big bags (#CarryonShame). But there’s more boorish behavior in search of a hashtag. Travel vulgarians, we’re talking to […]

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Could the Orbitz and Expedia deal have happened sooner?

Interesting…I joined Orbitz during the Cendant era and the 2nd IPO and left in 2011 for greener pastures…even in 2011, there was a sense that consolidation of the Travel Business was looming.  At the same time, I wonder how long the OTAs can sustain 20-25% margins in the hotel business.  Hotels will get smarter and […]

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Parents Flying With Infant Bring Gift Bags for Their Fellow Passengers

This is total crap – Why should parents feel obligated, pressured or guilted into apologizing for their child in advance and handing out goody bags. Traveling with kids is stressful enough than to have to worry about pleasing every else around you. I have met more adults on airplanes who exude far worse behavior than […]

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