Uber is an Innovative Disruptor!

I LOVE Uber!  I love everything about their business model.  I love that they have made my life as a frequent traveler easier.  I love that I no longer need to think ahead or plan my car services and I have more freedom and flexibility.  I love that I no longer have to stand on the side of the road hailing a cab.  I love that it is cashless, smart and innovative.  More important, they are an innovative disruptor! They completed up-ended a closed, somewhat monopolistic and government controlled business.  Something as simple as the Taxi Business was ripe for disruption because the old model SUCKS!  In fact, most Uber Drivers that I chat up also LOVE Uber…Why?  Because in some cases they are making 2-3 times more money.

So I find it hillarious that cabbies in Chicago are staging a protest against Uber today by not picking anyone up…hmm that make complete sense…meanwhile all of their business is shifting over to Uber and others while the cabbies continue to lose money and hang on to the past – to their old model.  Its time to wake up and innovate!

From NBC 5 Chicago: Fewer Cabbies Tuesday Morning as Drivers Protest Uber

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