Parents Flying With Infant Bring Gift Bags for Their Fellow Passengers

This is total crap – Why should parents feel obligated, pressured or guilted into apologizing for their child in advance and handing out goody bags. Traveling with kids is stressful enough than to have to worry about pleasing every else around you. I have met more adults on airplanes who exude far worse behavior than my kids and the occasional melt-down. Guess what?–The air pressure is foreign to kids especially infants – they eventually get used to it…but people need to invest in noise cancelling headsets and stop being babies about the babies. If you want a completely silent flight – then go fly private. What about the guy in 10A who doesn’t know how to handle his alcohol and becomes an obnoxious ass? Does he apologize? Or the people with such horrible body odor and flatulence at 30K feet – they suck far worse than a screaming kid. What about the people scamming the system to bring their pets on board the aircraft “claiming” they are “emotional-support animals” when they are clearly working the system? I have not seen anyone apologize to the allergy suffers while their dog is sitting on their lap.

From Fox News Insider:

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